Tips for Planting Healthy Trees

It is inessential to explain the importance of trees to the environment. Tree planting may sound simple, but surely it involves more than just digging a hole and embedding a tree in it. Therefore, planting healthy and strong trees could prove to be a difficult task if basic principles and steps are not put into consideration. There are mistakes that most of us make in the initial steps of tree planting that could make the whole exercise vain and futile.JQHDBJQdjkq3d3;1p

Trees should not be planted in a burrow that is too deep because this will limit proper oxygen supply to the roots. Sufficient Oxygen supply is paramount to the growth of a tree. If the burrow is narrow, the roots will not be able to expand extensively enough to ensure ample nourishment. Also, a narrow hole means that the tree will be unstable and weak since its roots won’t go deep enough to provide satisfactory anchoring of the tree. Based on the foregoing, it is important to take the following tips into account when planting a tree;

Initial Preparation

Beforehand, experts advise that you should identify the appropriate season for tree planting. It has been prescribed that planting trees during spring could be adverse and detrimental to the tree. It is apparent that the heat at that particular time could affect the proper growth of the tree. The most prescribed period is during the fall when the weather is more conducive to enhance growth.

Preparation of the Burrow

The burrow shoUSFhebfjFNWLQE;Quld be 2-3 times the width of the root ball. It is vital that the soil is loosened by a shovel to provide extra space for the roots to grow outwards and deeper into the ground. The hole should be placed strategically to avoid pooling of water in case of rain or drainage. The area should be above the level ground so that water doesn’t flow into the hole.

Tree Planting

A lot of movement of the tree should be avoided because the more air gets in, the more the roots are likely to dry up. Thereafter, the tree should be placed into the hole very gently. You should note that the tree to be planted must always be held by the root ball and not the trunk. It is prescribed that proper care is observed such that the crown is not buried and the roots are not exposed. The crown must at all times remain level with soil after filling up the burrow so. As the hole is filled up with soil, you should sprinkle enough water to fill up the intrinsic air pockets.

Remember, commercial fertilizers could be harmful to the long-term health of your tree.

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