Facts about the papa bear chair

The papa bear chair is one of the prestigious antiques that you can never own. Just like the name suggest it is made with the animal inspiration of a bear. The chair was designed by a Danish designer Wegner, and it has remained popular and a valuable treasure. However, there are now modern replicas that are still inspired by the original Bamsestolen. This chair sells as a brand name, but it is still believed to be among the most comfortable chairs created so far.

Papa bear chair


We cannot talk about the papa bear chair without talking about comfort. Many people have admitted that this is one of the most comfortable chairs. Of course, the comfort comes from the way the chair is made. It has a large back that supports the entire back while seated. In addition to the large back, the armrests from a cuddle like shape that adds to the comfort of the chair. It is also made with comfortable form. This is a chair that you seat on for long hours. People who spent many hours reading will enjoy time with this chair.

Distinctive design and style

The style is one thing that makes this chair stand out from any other antique chairs. The style and design of this chair are very distinctive, and you will always point out a papa bear chair from the rest. For instance, the way the armrests are designed is one distinctive design. The arm rest look like they are suspended with no lower support. The design is animal inspiration from the bear, and this is the trademark design.


When you buy a papa bear chair, you are buying something that will be used for future generations. It is made using solid wood, and this means that the structure of the chair is very strong. The body of the chair is also not made using foam. Instead, the back is made using cotton, fiber and horse hair. This makes the chair very durable.



This is an antique and designer chair, and this means that it is a luxury item. Owning a papa bear chair means status because of it is a luxury item. To emphasize this, the upholstery is made using either cashmere wool or pure leather to raise the status of the chair.