Essentials of successful potty training

Using a potty is essential in the life of any child. As such, you should make an effort of ensuring that your child can use them in the best way possible. The best way to go about is to embrace potty training in three days to help them learn and use them better. You should make the training procedural and exciting for any child.

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Certain potty training tips can help your child learn how to use a potty fast. First, you need to identify some indicators that you child is ready to use a potty. This is a critical step considering that forcing a child to use it does not bear much fruit. But how do you know when to start training? The best indicator that your child ios ready is when they are conscious about wetting themselves or when they let you know they are wet.

Things to do

Be patient and encourage them

Potty training requires patience and continuous effort. In most instances, children react differently to potty training. The best way to go about this is to give them positive affirmations about suing a potty. Also, avoid shouting or punishing them when they seem to lose focus.

Explain and guide

Make the child see the value of using a potty. When children are busy playing or doing other things, they may not see the need to go to a toilet. Instead, you should patiently explain and make them see the need to staying dry and clean.

Support them

When a child is busy with their toys, most of them will not welcome the idea of leaving them behind just to respond to the call of nature. This is particularly the case when they are playing with friends or siblings that might take their toys. In such a case, you should assure them that their valuables are secure.


Discipline plays an important part during any potty training activity. As such, you should look for a way of being consistent and forming routine toilet visits. Notwithstanding, it is also a good idea to reward them as a way of cultivating some discipline.

Successful potty training solely depends on the qualities of the trainer. As such, you should be positive and patient when training your young one. Praise the child for any achievements and avoid scolding them whenever they fail.